Our Voice Team


Natacha Osorio

Founder of the Bloomsbury Voice Centre








Alexander Technique and Voice



Katherine Heath



Acting and Voice for the Actor

Accent and Dialect

Audition Preparation

Self-Tape Coaching

Neurodiverse Learning and Acting


Valerie Gabail



Public Speaking

Interview Preparation

Non-Native Speaker Accent Support

Women's Voice



Clarissa Hardaker

Speech and Language Therapy

Performing Voice Rehab

Laryngeal Massage

Voice for Acting and Audition Preparation

Accent Softening and Dialect

Public Speaking and Voice Online

Interview Preparation

Women's Voice

Neurodiverse Learning and Perfoming


Rebecca Clark Carey






Accent and Dialect



David Carey





Accent and Dialect



Caitlin Stegemoller



Linklater voice

Voice work for singers

Trauma-informed voice work

American accent coaching and acquisition

Self-tape coaching

Sam Malone




Public Speaking

American Accents

Transgender Voice