Cycling is an increasingly popular activity. There are all kinds of cyclists: the around-town commuter, the racing cyclist and the touring cyclist.  The Alexander Technique has something to offer all cyclists.

It can promote more efficient and effortless cycling and reduce pain and discomfort. Attempts to resolve problems such as stiff neck and shoulders, sore wrists and back are often focussed on the way the bike is set up. However, it could well be the rider herself who needs to change.

One of our resident teachers, Michelle Cole, who has extensive experience of world-wide cycle touring, as well as city commuting in London, offers individual sessions on applying the Alexander Technique to cycling.

You can book one or two sessions with her to complement your regular lessons. If you are new to the Technique, you should have some Alexander Technique sessions first of all before moving on to looking specifically at issues related to cycling. Michelle has a cycle trainer for preparatory work indoors.

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October 12th  2.00pm-5.00pm

Cost £65

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