Make Working From Home A Pleasure Not A Pain


Our colleague Alan Bignell has been busy creating an invaluable online tool.

Since lockdown in March 2020, the number of people working from home has increased tenfold.

This change has been accompanied by an unprecedented growth in postural related problems, many of which can be traced back to long hours spent on a laptop or at a makeshift work station.

If you are suffering with back ache, stiff neck, tight shoulders or similar problems, our online consultation can help identify if it is your set up or the way you are using yourself that is the cause. Consultations are with Alan Bignell, an Alexander Technique teacher as well as an experienced work station assessor. Along with an analysis of how you are working at present, he will show you practical ways to ensure you are sitting well. He’ll also demonstrate a simple exercise based on Alexander Technique principles to minimize future postural problems.

Our consultations are based on improving current ways of working rather than a prelude to recommending new equipment (we have no links with chair or other manufacturers). All contact is on line so there are no social distancing issues or worries about infringing COVID 19 restrictions. Our service is available to individuals and companies alike.