Rebecca Clark Carey


Rebecca Clark Carey is an internationally recognized voice, text and dialect teacher and coach.


A voice teacher for 20 years, Rebecca is currently the head of voice and text at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. She was a senior voice tutor at RADA and has extensive theatre experience as an actor and voice coach.


She is co-author of The Vocal Arts Workbook + Video (2008), The Dramatic Text Workbook and Video (2018), and The Shakespeare Workbook and Video (2015), all published by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama.


The Vocal Arts Workbook and Video is a best-selling practical course for developing the expressive range of your voice. Designed for students and teachers of voice, it is of particular use in the field of drama.


The Dramatic Text Workbook and Video is a practical course for speaking text with clarity and power. It is also designed to be used by teachers and students of drama.


The Shakespeare Workbook and Video provides a unifying approach to acting Shakespeare that is immediately applicable in the rehearsal room or classroom. It is an easy-to-use text providing practical exercises in specific aspects of Shakespeare’s language such as meter,imagery, rhetoric and sound play.