All our teachers are fully qualified and completed their training at a centre approved by STAT (Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique).


Natacha Osorio

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With a background in the performing arts, Natacha Osorio (she/her/hers) has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1991, when she qualified as a teacher at the Constructive Teaching Centre for Alexander Technique in London.

Over the years, she has worked extensively in her private practice, teaching people from all walks of life. She has also worked in various drama training institutions including Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and Central School of Speech and Drama were she has been a Visiting Lecturer for over 15 years on the MA/MFA Voice Studies: Teaching and Coaching program.

This has given her the opportunity to investigate, develop and practise the Alexander Technique in relation to vocal and physical work. She has also been able to draw from her experience in pregnancy and childbirth when teaching the Alexander Technique.

In 2006, she became Director of The Bloomsbury Alexander Centre and the Bloomsbury Therapy Centre. She is also experienced in giving talks at conferences, leading staff training events and in organising and delivering workshops and short courses for corporate organisations.

Other teachers working at the centre

Brita Forsstrom

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Brita Forsstrom 

We are deeply sorry to announce the loss of our colleague Brita who passed away in February 2023.

Brita will be solely missed by her family and colleagues. Our profession is much the poorer for her absence.

With all our love and respect Brita will be remembered by us all at the Bloomsbury Alexander Centre

Michelle Cole (MSTAT)

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Michelle came to the UK from Australia as an Arts graduate in the late ‘80’s. Her interest in the Alexander Technique began as a result of neck and shoulder tension she was experiencing in her office job.

Like many, she found that in addition to helping with neck pain, learning the Alexander technique had unexpected benefits with an improvement in overall health and wellbeing. She trained with Walter and Dilys Carrington and has been working at the Bloomsbury Alexander Centre since 1998.

She also has a practice in South East London and at Canary Wharf. She has experience of working with pupils from a wide range of backgrounds including office workers, health workers, teachers, musicians and other performers. She has also run introductory workshops for companies and organizations including Credit Suisse, Royal London Hospital and London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Lewisham.

She is a keen cyclist and has travelled extensively; often with her bike! See Michelle’s website at www.thealexandertechnique.co.uk for more information about lessons and available times and days.

In addition to regular Alexander Technique lessons, Michelle is available to offer sessions on applying the Alexander technique to cycling.

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Alan Bignell (MSTAT)

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Alan Bignell (MSTAT) first came in touch with the Alexander Technique some 20 years ago and, after having more lessons than he cares to remember, trained with Misha Magidov at the North London Alexander Teacher Training School.

In addition to his work at the Bloomsbury Alexander Centre, Alan has specialised in giving Alexander lessons to employees within their work place. Among the organisations he has worked with are ICI, the German Embassy and Grey Worldwide.

A French and Portuguese speaker, Alan has a very simple, down to earth approach to the Technique which is perhaps best illustrated by his web site at www.a-bignell.demon.co.uk

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Louisa Gnafkis

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Louisa Gnafkis is also a piano teacher and has acquired a rich teaching experience with adults and children for over 30 years.
Originally from Greece, she studied contemporary movement practices (such as Contact Improvisation and Body Mind Centering) and Shiatsu, before coming to London to study the Alexander Technique (AT).
She graduated from Misha Magidov’s North London Teacher Training Course in 2001 and has continued to learn from experienced teachers including Ted McNamara, Maya Galai, Pedro de Alcantara, Glenna Batson and Glen Park.
She completed training in healing using Subtle Energy Intergration. The AT has taught her that by understanding yourself, focusing on the whole being and not simply on posture, you can unlock a natural state of ease, poise, balance and expression.
This helps not only to alleviate physical problems but also to improve confidence, manage stress and regain ease of movement. These are qualities that anyone can experience through the technique and apply in their own field of interest.
Among her students are NHS managers, bank employees, shop assistants, university lecturers, musicians, retired teachers, office workers, doctors. Louisa offers private lessons in Bloosmbury Alexander Centre and also teaches the AT in Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.

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Antonella Cavallone BA MSTAT

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Originally from Puglia in Italy, Antonella holds a degree in Art History from the University of London. In the latter stages of her studies and suffering from debilitating neck pain, she sought out the Alexander Technique. Thus inspired, she trained as a teacher herself at the Victoria School for the Alexander Technique in London and has taught fulltime since.

Antonella teaches the Technique to both individuals and groups. She acts as a consultant on using the Technique for postural education in the health sector in NHS hospitals around the United Kingdom and private corporations. She has extensive experience in leading workshops on strategies to improve posture at work for the Society and College of Radiographers and in a variety of other professional environments, and runs bespoke in-house ‘Stress Management Training with Alexander Technique’ programmes for self-development and mindfulness.

Antonella’s experience also includes running sessions for family groups and female-only classes and assisting in training teachers at the CityATS training school. She has served on STAT’s council and remains on various committees, and is a registered CNHC practitioner. She has often written about and been a voice for the Technique in the media.

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Cristina Codina Llavina

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Cristina Codina Llavina is a qualified Alexander Technique teacher and a member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) with experience in teaching both individuals and groups from all walks of life: women only classes, mixed classes with ages ranging from 16-60, children’s groups, and has three years of experience assisting in the Alexander Technique department of the Arts ED School of Acting.

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Loretta Manson

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Loretta Manson encountered the Alexander Technique whilst training in the performing arts and after studying ballet and various other forms of dance throughout childhood. It proved invaluable in managing the chronic pain and fatigue that had troubled her from her teenage years when she was diagnosed with scoliosis.
Loretta teaches pupils interested in using the technique for tension and pain relief, improving performance, addressing the causes of poor posture and for self development and mindfulness. She also has specialised training in teaching people living with Parkinson’s, for whom Alexander Technique can be so beneficial.

A keen social dancer of Lindy Hop and Argentine tango, Loretta finds the Alexander Technique greatly enriches her dance experience, and likewise, her experience as a dancer and dance teacher has enhanced her understanding of the Technique. She has a special interest in exploring how improved body awareness can promote better partner connection in social dance, help dancers lessen the risk of injury and dance with more sensitivity, freedom and enjoyment.

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