Sam Malone

A vivacious voice teacher from Canada, he is interested in empowering and distilling resilience in students through the spoken voice.

Sam studied at Canadian National Voice Intensive and at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where he acquired an MFA in Voice Studies. He has taught students in Applied Theatre Production and worked with Gendered Intelligence: Trans and Non-binary Voice. His teaching experience includes vocal development, character voice, singing, accents and dialects and Trans/Non-Binary and LGBTQ+ voice.

With a passion for the development in learning and worth of his student’s vocal expression, Sam brings a wealth of knowledge ranging from conflict resolution to leadership development to his classes.

What Sam loves most about teaching is providing his students the space to really be themselves. He enjoys facilitating the discovery of aspects of a voice that have previously been hidden away. Sam helps students find inspiration and joy in what they are learning.