Searching for a sofa by Alan Bignell

Last weekend my wife and I went to buy a couple of new sofas. Our first stop was a large Swedish outlet on the North Circular Road.

As an Alexander teacher, my main priority, after finding a design we both liked, was checking that it had a firm seat and gave good back support, particularly to the lower back.

As we went from sofa to sofa it became clear the designers didn’t share the same priorities. In many cases the seating cushions were either so soft, you wondered when you were going to stop sinking down or they lost their firmness if you sat on one side of them. As far as back support went, a cushion was absolutely essential. In fairness this is the case on most sofas.

Somewhat disappointed we then drove further round the North Circular to Brent Cross where we hit the furniture department of John Lewis. Almost immediately we found a design we liked and wonder of wonders, one that met the ergonomic criteria already mentioned.

We placed our order and a few days later said sofas were delivered free of charge to our house in West London. They now grace our living room and make sitting down a pleasure.


Pictures show sofa in John Lewis show room and in our living room.

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