As someone with a long term medical condition, I decided to explore the benefits of 1:1 tuition in Alexander Technique as a follow up to group lessons where I discovered a number of improvements in how I was feeling on a day to day basis … a feeling of lightness, of being less tired and of improved balance. Even after a few sessions, I noticed  how quickly my mind and body began to respond on a daily basis, in between lessons, accompanied by a feeling of my spine lengthening and neck releasing. My teacher, Natacha Osorio often says there is no magic involved! However, through the guided touch of the teacher’s hands, it is as if the body speaks and responds naturally, learning to function anew with calm, ease, and lightness. What I learned was that poor posture and compression of the spine, which often accompany tiredness and fatigue, are not inevitable. This challenged some of the assumptions I had about my condition; by ‘re-educating’ my mind and body the Alexander Technique has restored a most valuable inner energy I thought I had lost (was in danger of losing?). Even when symptoms return, I am confident my body knows how to respond in a creative and healing way. By re-establishing the strength of the back and balance of the whole skeleton it is possible to breathe with greater freedom and depth and experience greater ease of movement and improved circulation. I am most grateful to my teacher Natacha for her dedication, inspiration and sensitive approach throughout.

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