My sessions with Loretta have been transformative. Having been into fitness for many years and rapidly developed in my career, I considered myself pretty tuned in to my body and pretty good at dealing with stress.

However I was totally stumped this year by the exams to gain my motorcycle licence, in which nerves were having a direct impact on my technique. I suspected tension was affecting brain and body and it had to stop. I read a book on the Alexander Technique and called upon Loretta for help.

In our first session Loretta’s friendly but professional manner instantly gained my trust and her calm demeanour was infectious even before we got started. Her approach has since increased my awareness of many subtle but problematic habits that I wouldn’t have otherwise spotted, and has both taught and motivated me to develop good new habits. Within weeks I had passed my exams, and within months surpassed my own expectations, progressing to advanced riding techniques and tours with a new level of calm and enjoyment. Meanwhile, the techniques are there throughout my life, improving my relationships and leadership too.

Loretta is a first-class teacher who exudes positivity and professionalism, and every session is a delightful combination of relaxation and discovery. Try it and you will be hooked!

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