I dance tango and I decided to have Alexander Technique lessons when one of my  dancing partners complained about my poor posture. I also have a history of back trouble and coordination problems; my movements have always been clumsy. I decided to take up lessons with Loretta Manson because I liked the way she walked – with a dignity and grace that I wanted for myself.

Within a few weeks my of starting lessons the same partner started to comment on the improvement in my stature. My back was straighter and my movements and general bearing were much better.

I started lessons with Loretta a year ago now and I’ve noticed the improvements myself. My back pain has lessened and I was able to get rid of my back support I had bought at the back shop twenty years ago because I no longer need it.

Before I started my lessons, the act of sitting down and standing up were a major production; I would fall into a chair rather than lower myself into it. When I went to stand up I would heave my shoulders up and push myself dramatically upwards. I now try to lead with my head and use much less effort. I can also remain seated in a chair with a great deal more ease now.

I found the lessons tiring at first; the tiredness has lessened. I’ve noticed that my movements are much more fluid, but the changes are not just physical; I am more disciplined in the way I respond to outside circumstances. I am realising that Alexander technique is not just about posture, it’s about how you live your life. Part of my learning is waiting before I speak to consider what I want to say and how. I now take a little more time before I speak, instead of exploding into ill-considered words which cannot be taken back when blurted out in anger, or by just not thinking.

I can truly recommend Loretta to people struggling with movement and body issues and those who are seeking to improve not only their outward appearance, but to alter their perceptions of who they are. Loretta combines discipline with a great deal of humour and a deep understanding of how vulnerable people can be when taking steps to alter their lives in a deeper and meaningful way.

It’s the only thing I’ve found in many years of searching where I am in control and not someone else, and it’s actually delivering the goods.

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