‘The Alexander Technique has always been something I have connected with, as an actor, as a teacher & as a voice practitioner. It makes sense to me, it beautifully dovetails with Estill Voice, is rooted physiologically & I have been blessed with the good fortune to have the finest teacher around.


Natacha Osorio introduced me to FM Alexander’s work in 2003 & I’ve used it pretty much every day since.

Not only in my practise as an actor & musician, but assisting me in dealing with the excruciating pain & muscle spasms as a result of a coccygeal fracture I acquired in 2004.


Yesterday Natacha asked me for my assistance & I jumped to it today, without a moment’s hesitation.


After 90 minutes of Alexander Technique, revisiting areas of the work that there just isn’t time to cover in general actor or voice training, specific to the needs of my creaky, injured & pained body I leave feeling like a new person with a constant reminder of my imperceptible monkey, something that makes me smile & whispering “Ah…”


-Leon Trayman, Actor and Voice Coach

‘The Alexander Technique has changed my attitude to myself. While before I was getting stressed and not noticed until I was in pain, now I can feel myself tensing up and I go “ha I am tensing!! I give my directions and I feel my neck instantly release. Transformative! Thank you.’


– IT specialist, London

‘Today, when I came for my lesson I told you my back was aching and that I had just had a very stressful day at work. At the end of my lesson the backache had all but gone. Quite miraculous really! Thank you Antonella!’


– Classical singer, London

I have been practising the Alexander technique for about 10 years now, and I can really say that it has significantly changed my life for the better.

My posture has improved, and with it my whole appearance, my chronic back pain was gone, and I generally feel more grounded in my body.’


– Jael

‘Having the Alexander Technique shown to me, has helped me enormously.  I now look forward and up”


– Martin

“It is no exaggeration when I say that the Alexander Technique as taught by Natacha has changed my life. I sought out the Alexander Technique to alleviate the pains caused by bruxism, only to be gently introduced to a whole new way of relating to my body as an entity.


Re-learning movement made me appreciate my body and enjoy improving the related function of the muscular system: the maintenance of posture and body position. If this sounds dry and dreary, let me assure you that the practice and teaching is anything but, it is an enjoyable journey of discovery”


Andrea Meyer Ludowisy


Research Librarian 

The Alexander Technique has offered me greater freedom in playing (piano) and in life.


Knowledge of the technique has informed my coaching of instrumentalists of all ages and abilities. Personally speaking, it has offered me the mental space to find different responses to external stimuli, whilst giving me much greater physical ease and awareness.


I am very grateful to my teacher Louisa Gnafkis for her depth of insight and the exceptional quality of her listening.


– Sophia Rahman